something revealed

Pouring all my energy, I am searching for you.

wandering through the space-time curve,

gasping at every point, I found you.

still revolving freely, for you, within you….

Oh my Love, I think, I know you!



Remembering and receiving  at soul level is not a gathering, but unlearning process.


‘ Ultimate Truth‘ is always beautiful, and ……..Unreachable!  🙂


When one feels the presence of GOD, touch of a divinity, actually a person’s consciousness expands inside his/her own divine-pure part of a soul, it’s essence of original energy.



The concepts like independence arises from distrust and fear. Real virtue is sharing. That’s it.



In pranayam the importance is given to the exhalation process.  I think, the exhalation has a special meaning, prana comes comes out while exhalation. In pranayam there are different ways to exhale to perform naadishuddhi. When one does it consciously, and forcefully, prana could come out completely for a while and  and cleanes the energy channels-naadis. When is exercise is going on, automatically, fears disappear. Basic fear, of going a prana out, vanishes. That means the fear of death vanishes gradually. Unless fear of death is gone, meditation is impossible.



The truth is always a relative term. One cannot understand the ultimate truth, and there is nothing which can be called complete falsehood.

So, we always have to bare with the relative reality!




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