Dynamic Meditation-1

If it is meditation, how can one ‘be’ dynamic, ’cause meditation is just an observation and understanding.
And if one is dynamic, …doing something…., how can it be called a meditation?

So ‘meditating a dynamic’ is being with something which is active without doing anything…..
But that activity cannot be seen, cannot be experienced. One has to understand, that there is some activity.
So, initially, one tries to really ‘do’ something hard, then one just fails to do anything, even fail to breathe properly, then the things start happening, on there own, without any interfering activity, nature is active on its own.
But at some point, all the causes of this ‘false’ activity also stops, and there remains silence. But that silence is active, that’s why one feels it, if there is no activity, nothing can be felt.

Is it a singularity?

But still, there is NOTHING!
Can this zero state be called DYNAMIC?
Just like a black hole. There is nothing, but there is activity. The TIME is zero.

There is a process of ‘way back to home’. There is nothing to express, nothing to do, nothing to achieve. Can we call ‘black hole’, a pratiprasav?
Does dynamic meditation means, concentrating on zero or being a zero?



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